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To effectively master spatial design in your home we have to bring together the use of aesthetics, materials and colour with practicality, lifestyle and function. By doing so we can create an amazing space that is not only tailored to my clients’ taste, but to their needs too. I’m confident that I can help you to create your living or office space of your dreams. Why? Because I’m passionate about my job. I have 10 years of experience and 100+ projects behind my back.
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is the solution if you need quick help in creating your living space. You may require help in picking some special design pieces or your home needs some refreshening without large scale renovations – I’m here to help! This doesn’t include documentation, only on site or online consultation.

All round planning

Do you have a residential or commercial project going on? Let’s talk about all the details and let me show you the possibilities and solutions that fit your expectations the most. Once you have agreed to the final concept, we then move onto the documentation stage. Documentation includes detailed floor plans with dimensions, elevations, sections and all finishes are specified.


If you only need a bit of freshing up in your living area, styling is the best solution for you. We are not changing the floorplan, only adding some new focuspoints, decorative elements to make the rooms stylish and up to date. We will put together mood boards and sketches of your floor plan changes and a list of the small furniture and accessories I would recommend. Consignations are handed over at the end of the process.

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Tima ART - Interior Design

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